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# by Impulse29 on 12/14/05 at 06:44:23

Great script, but one problem. It works perfectly when I use it in a conversation window, but when I put it in my name it doesn't work. I have used a previous version before, and it worked, but this one doesn't. Anything I can do?

# by Impulse29 on 11/15/05 at 21:07:12

Okay, I can do that, but you have to be specific on what you want it to look like.
I can do it in approx. 1-2 weeks, as I am moving, and have a ton of assignments. It will be done though, and I think it is a good idea.

# by Impulse29 on 10/20/05 at 17:47:53

Great script. However, some of them include phrases that don't make sense in english. For example, translating "Was passiert, wenn man sich 2 Mal half tot gelacht hat? would be "What happens when one laughs oneself half to death twice?".


# by Impulse29 on 09/27/05 at 20:47:44

I love this message style! I was using the RSS-type one, and that one's good too, but this one takes the cake. There is one thing I am concerned with though... WHY DOES THIS STYLE ONLY HAVE A 3.8 RATING? I've seen worse with better ratings.

# by Impulse29 on 09/15/05 at 12:05:38

wow, this action is elite... I mean, really wicked. So wicked, that the xtra id number is 1337:D

I have a busy schedule, and would like that adium says exactly what I am doing or where I am. This is amazing:)