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# by polymnemonic on 08/10/06 at 12:30:15

sorry about that, I did not test in 0.8x - it works fine in 1.x - the problem is likely due to some new thing added to the message code spec for 1.x that causes 0.8x to crash. I'll see if I can't make a stripped down non-1.x specific version later today and post a link for it here.

# by polymnemonic on 07/17/06 at 15:25:20

Well, since I never used the style with icons I just assumed no one else did; but for some reason lately I've been getting more and more request for this alternating icon layout…So I guess you guys win, the next update will have an alternating user icon view if at all possible. It probably won't happen anytime real soon but it is now on the to-do list..

# by polymnemonic on 06/07/06 at 20:32:58

I can set the font to Optima without changing anything, so I can only guess that the issue you ran into is not directly related to minimal_mod. But just as a matter of practice I agree that no font should be referenced from within the style. In fact. v1.3 did not have any reference to any font, it only used font-family: sans-serif; but for some reason beyond my comprehension this caused 6-digit timestamps to go haywire under certain circumstances and the quickest way I found to fix this was to make the status, names, and time info display in Helvetica. Or is it the reference to sans-serif part that you suspect was causing the issue?

It's on the todo list.

I did not make minimal, pss did (as is noted in the credits on the right). I based minimal_mod off of his original work and left most, if not all of his code in place. The status messages in minimal_mod are colored to match the variant you've selected, so yeah the status will only be green when using a Green vs... or ...vs Green variant.

Suggestions for new variants are welcome, just click my name on this page and grab my gtalk id and send'em on in.

# by polymnemonic on 03/10/06 at 12:06:39

seems like there is an alignment issue on the message window tabs, with this status icon pack installed the close button suddenly is pushed all the way to the left of the tab and actually touches the edge; other than that I like the idea and color scheme.

# by polymnemonic on 11/19/05 at 23:21:57

I'm not sure I understand what you mean with the bug and the header, if you could send me a screenshot that'd help a ton in getting it corrected (just click my name here and use the email address provided in my profile); and thanks for the positive remarks.