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# by kapil on 02/06/09 at 08:08:51

I installed skype (2.7) and have been using it well. I installed Adium 3 weeks ago, starting using the AIM, MSN, Facebook, it works great. THen I added Skype plugin to test and used it for few times. Due to redundancy and duplication of chats both in skype and adium, I decided to remove Skype Plugin from Adium. So I uninstalled it by going to Xtrasmanager->Plugins-> deleted the Skype Plugin. THis resulted into deletion of skype plugin from Adium, but now it shows all my contacts on skype to be offline. I then removed the adium Account->Manage API Client and removed from their as well but it still shows me all my contacts on skype to be offline. I am using Max OS 10.5.6. I uninstalled Adium and Skype and reinstalled it and started skype, all my contacts still offline. I couldn't figure out anything, and then I reinstalled the Skypeplugin on Adium, re-ran Adium, authorized Skype to allow Adium connections and there u go, my contacts are online now. THis is temporary but I want to remove skype plugin and resolve the above problem. Please help.