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# by eevyl on 12/13/05 at 01:21:09

You install it and you select it from the "Insert script" menu of the Edit menu. Or type "%_24" alternatively. It works the same as the rest of the built-in scripts really.

# by eevyl on 07/21/04 at 05:02:30

mmm a suggestion, maybe for the new message notification would benice to have The Bit appear with its annoying animation of "Yes! No! Yes! No!"

# by eevyl on 07/21/04 at 04:58:18

Wow, really really nice :D

Just a curiosity, why "Traun"? The movie's name is Tron :)

# by eevyl on 07/21/04 at 04:31:46

Another suggestion, what about adding a parameter just in case you have a character for "comments" in the source text file?

I say it just because I would use this script with the slogan text file :P

# by eevyl on 07/14/04 at 08:28:03

Really nice, but have to agree that non-animated while online would be better.

Also, a green variant is a must have man!! :D