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# by uniraver-ZG on 05/03/05 at 21:13:45

Yeah, we could never identify the crash issue, howveer I knew that all was working well with v.8b and now that v.8 (which *REALLY ROCKS*) is released public, I don't think we need to work on it. PS> UPGRADE TO V.8 FOR SURE! Also check out the Feng Shui List Style - enjoy!

# by uniraver-ZG on 05/03/05 at 21:11:49

Thanks and appreciate the comments. I received a more detailed report from someone which helped, but I never found the reason. AdiumX v.8 is released and we're all happy now!

# by uniraver-ZG on 04/26/05 at 20:33:34

Monkeys have been removed... Thank you.

Thanks also for more info on why you're crashing and what version you're running.

# by uniraver-ZG on 04/26/05 at 20:27:21

hmm, best apologies I will test. Looks like others have experienced the issue as well.

So far Adium .8b is working well so we can look forward to this working soon - in the meantime it will be noted only for .8b users.

# by uniraver-ZG on 04/25/05 at 12:34:21

Thanks! I wish I had the grphical prowess to make them more well defined, but they do the job for the occaisional amusement of one's self or the other (assuming they have a monkey).

Maybe the community should add them to the trillion default set for all users, hehe...