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# by captphatsidy on 08/16/05 at 09:33:45

Yeah, read up in the comments from 4/20/05 to change the colors...

# by captphatsidy on 04/29/05 at 14:00:15

Off the top of my head, that should have done it. Do you have your color in the Preferences overriding the CSS? Also, check out iChadium. That was just released and has a bunch of different colors like you're looking for. -Chris

# by captphatsidy on 04/26/05 at 18:15:04

I took the changes that Jason made and updated iChat Clone to 1.2. I also cleaned up some of the colors. The changes should be posted when the Mods review the update... Thanks, Jason... -Chris

# by captphatsidy on 04/21/05 at 14:18:58

I changed it from "min-height: 40px" to "28px". The extra line through my bubbles was 12 px tall, so I just subtracted 12px from the min-height. Worked with mine...