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# by RAPMANkev on 07/31/07 at 16:27:20

I would love to see a version withouth the smooth scrolling
it looks cool usually, but once my CPU does something strong, and hasn't any power left, it is really annoying that everything slowes down when I get messaged...

# by RAPMANkev on 07/11/07 at 07:25:23

Would be cool if there also was a Variant for tlm2021 suggestion with user pictures that are always, like if they are clicked now.

# by RAPMANkev on 07/09/07 at 06:56:17

oh yeah, in my first post, border was the wrong word, it is space

# by RAPMANkev on 07/09/07 at 06:55:59

oh, just noticed they get bigger if you click it.

I would really love to see a version where they always stay, like if they were clicked, and with smaller space on top and bottom of text

# by RAPMANkev on 07/09/07 at 06:52:54

awesome idea, could need some improvement's tho.

The border's over and under the text steel quiet much space, and the puctures could be bigger, they could be placed under the time or something like that for example...