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# by Wengero on 04/08/07 at 00:39:30

Is adium the selected application? If it is not it just makes the fail noise when you try.

# by Wengero on 08/24/06 at 22:20:42

You probably did, that and the fact the Jack Bauer kicks Chuck Norris's ass

# by Wengero on 12/14/05 at 10:01:47

Renkoo seams to break clicking on emoticons to bring up there text representation... it works on every other message theme but not on renkoo or renkoo naked

# by Wengero on 12/12/05 at 16:59:00

found ibrowse and i still cant find this "Adium" of which you speak of

# by Wengero on 12/12/05 at 08:01:37

the only browsers on the list i could even find where deskbrowse and surfdude... you sure the others still exist?