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# by budoink on 11/20/06 at 09:07:53

Also, no I haven't seen The Big Blue, just watched the trailer on IMDb tho - it's looks ...interesting

# by budoink on 11/20/06 at 09:01:15

Thanks for your kind comments, but touspous - you do realise I only made the contact lists theme and not the desktop pics, I just wanted to show how the contact list appears over a busy and a clean background ;-)

# by budoink on 02/28/06 at 12:30:41

Great icon by the way, I really like the idea of linking the Adium icon - Adiumy to an IM related icon!

...but ...has anyone else noticed that Adiumy's head vibrates while you are trying to connect? It's only really noticeable when you hover over the adium dock icon and it enlarges (I'm presuming it's not intended). It's only a tiny problem, most of the time I don't even notice it's there! but I thought I should point it out so you can fix it in any subsequent updates ;-)

Like I said tho - great icon, I use it as my default now, thanks :-D

# by budoink on 09/27/05 at 13:50:11

I agree with the previous statements that this is the best and most professional icon Ive seen for adium, it would make a great default icon, but we can never loose the duck really can we!?!

...but yeah ...keep up the fantastic work gabrielradic!

# by budoink on 04/28/05 at 19:09:27

V. Nice ravijo...

smooth, i'll definitely be using it as my default!
i'd recommend this to anyone looking for an iChat style since it has more colour options than the original iChat style or iChat clone, and it's just as professional!