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# by LowrdChevy85 on 12/15/08 at 11:50:32

algorithm, is like a recipe in cooking, but for computers to perform a task. Fixed time means like every 3 minutes, so a fixed time interval. If you send me an email with your messenger or email I can send you the code I am working with, so you can see how it is working now.

# by LowrdChevy85 on 12/14/08 at 23:39:50

I'm good....I think a limit of 50 should be good, I don't think many people will have more than 50 chats going at once. I think once I get the user they are chatting with and the time, into an array, then the fixed time will work. The only way to get it to work exactly like the iPhone would be to know the algorithm they are using.

# by LowrdChevy85 on 12/14/08 at 23:27:54

Okay so printing the time every specific number of minutes is doable and I have that working, however I believe it will only work in 1 chat session. I think it would be much better if it's going to print say every 3 minutes, it prints every 3 minutes for each chat you're in. I'm not sure how this is going to be done, but I know it can be done using an array (but this will have a limit of the number of chats it will work in).

# by LowrdChevy85 on 12/14/08 at 15:19:21

Okay so instead of studying I've looked and I am almost positive that a little javascript will solve the problem...I don't know how to embed the images in a CSS, i think the layout of your files is the way it should be

# by LowrdChevy85 on 12/14/08 at 14:23:41

Never mind I think I found it, I have finals this week, but will try to look and see if I can figure something out