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# by maxintosh on 01/28/06 at 12:36:08

The bottom is cut off. If not for that this icon would be really good.

# by maxintosh on 09/26/05 at 18:47:08

I love them with the background. 5 ducks.

# by maxintosh on 05/05/05 at 17:31:30

Please... not comic sans...

# by maxintosh on 04/12/05 at 15:43:05


# by maxintosh on 04/10/05 at 13:12:48

1. Yeah, I've done stuff like that before. I think the problem with this one is that I made it at 128x128 (rather than shrinking it down from a larger size) so it was harder to do.

2) Hmm... I'm not seeing that. Except I just realized the older images have that, which I redid, except for the alert one because for some reason the alert icons don't work for me (? Adium version 0.77). Is that where you're seeing that?

Thanks for the suggestions, I plan to fix these things in the next version (although I don't know when that'll be, I'm really busy right now with homework, a composition, a soundset, and emoticons).

And wow... 78 downloads!