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# by jobbogamer1 on 03/07/10 at 21:01:38

I agree with djmurphix, the invisible one should be more different to the available one - I can't tell the difference very easily.

Absolutely amazing otherwise!

# by jobbogamer1 on 09/26/09 at 08:20:48

I was thinking that myself the other day... Maybe I'll change it later, thanks for the input

# by jobbogamer1 on 12/13/08 at 07:34:58

OK, I'll change the size of the duck, but can I ask what you don't like about the TV?

# by jobbogamer1 on 12/13/08 at 07:18:22

Why is that? Is there something I could improve on this icon?

# by jobbogamer1 on 12/13/08 at 07:17:21

Yes, it is supposed to look like the Flurry screensaver. The coloured part moves around the screen and changes colour.