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# by justinrw on 04/29/09 at 05:28:40

i'm not sure about some of those but playing songs in itunes still updates the client so it will still work looking at the local files.

# by justinrw on 01/10/09 at 13:28:43

still no luck so far, I even went ahead and changed it over to run just locally so it doesn't even fetch anything now and still no luck. went back to an old working version and it doesn't work either so I think there is something weird going on with adium. even started a new preference folder and still doesn't work.

# by justinrw on 01/10/09 at 04:13:27

still not sure what is going on. it tests fine as an applescript, but just explodes when activated in adium.

# by justinrw on 01/06/09 at 15:08:21

I think I broke it with the new fetch code, I should have a fix for it by tomorrow. Just been crazy at work post-holidays.