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# by jon.chambers on 03/24/12 at 16:02:01

This has been fixed, and a new version is available for download. Thanks for your patience!

# by jon.chambers on 03/19/12 at 17:34:09

Thanks for the heads-up! I'm aware of the issue (please see and working on a fix right now.


# by jon.chambers on 01/24/12 at 00:46:56

Many thanks! I've uploaded a new version with your fixes, and it should be available here shortly pending moderator approval.

# by jon.chambers on 10/03/10 at 14:19:25

Beg your pardon; this has been mostly fixed, and I hope to get the rest of the details ironed out this afternoon.

# by jon.chambers on 10/03/10 at 14:19:02

Trac installation is mostly fixed; still need to figure out why some stuff is broken (i.e. why I can't log in), but we'll get there. Thanks for the heads-up!