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# by v3c on 04/22/07 at 15:03:51

Unfortunately i can't, the pack would exceed the size limit for the upload... :(

# by v3c on 06/12/06 at 04:11:11

Sweet! :D

# by v3c on 06/08/06 at 12:07:39

Thanks to all for the feedback... I'm really glad you guys like my work. At the moment I'm trying to graduate, after this (horrible) period I'll make a polarized and/or minimal version. What about a package, as GoneDark message style does?

# by v3c on 03/19/06 at 06:05:03

thanks to all for the comments! I'm glad you like my work.
@zheaton: I'll work on it, as soon as possible I'll upload the variant.

# by v3c on 04/01/05 at 13:37:38

Do you mean without signs on it? Wouldn't it be too... empty? : Anyway, I'll make it if I have the time :)