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# by huibster on 10/04/09 at 09:40:06

;) it's cool.

# by huibster on 09/28/09 at 07:34:47

nope I'm Dutch, but I've been to China a couple of times. Cao ni ma???

# by huibster on 09/25/09 at 06:41:29

Your welcome! If you like these, check out the status and dock icons too... Enjoy ;)

# by huibster on 09/24/08 at 14:47:36

After testing with the resized images, the notification badge's still too small, unfortunately! If there are any other suggestions on how to fix this, please let me know.

Thanx anyway visualize27

# by huibster on 09/18/08 at 04:48:28

Thanks for that. I've already resized them, and I'll post the update asap.

Nijntje (Dutch name) is a little character that was created by Dick Bruna over more than 50 years ago. She's still very popular in Holland, but also in many other European and Asian countries, especially China and Japan. Hence the title of this set: Miffy (English) and 米菲 (Chinese).