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# by dimituri on 08/31/08 at 05:50:22

There should seriouly be a new post notification over the email.

# by dimituri on 08/25/08 at 15:06:28

After upgrading to the latest version from your website (today) the groups ended up not working.
When I rearrange Skype contacts in Adium to groups other than the “Skype” group they stay there until I relaunch the application. New groups are created in Skype and contacts are rearranged there, but they don't stay arranged in Adium. When Adium is relauched contacts are back in the default “Skype” group. So, basically, syncing back to Adium from Skype doesn't work on launch.
Already tried removing and adding back the account in Adium.
Skype is, Adium is 1.2.7.
How can I resolve this, hmm?