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# by dlusion on 12/30/08 at 15:40:55

one more thing, it could be cool if you could hide the scroll bars, incase you have alot of ppl online, thats the reason i made a new group for ppl i talk to the most, scrollbars give the dock feeling away

# by dlusion on 12/30/08 at 15:38:25

this is cool, i made a new group for the ppl i talk to the most and just have that on the left side of my screen, having al the other groups hidden, which i can access manually, or through the menu bar adium icon.

only bad thing is that i cant search from the contact list, which makes it hard to send an offline to someone that is, well, offline.

# by dlusion on 06/22/08 at 15:34:40

so.. did anyone fix the folder name thing?

iŽd like to have them at least with their email adress, and at most, with the custom nick name ive given them.