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# by poisonousinsect on 03/22/06 at 15:51:36

Yes, I noticed. ;-)

# by poisonousinsect on 07/19/05 at 15:13:27

Saboter: As Orta Therox says, I'm talking about transparency where you could see whatever is behind the message window--Atomos already has some transparency options (that is, the bubbles can be transparent over the message view background, but objects behind the window are still obscured). Orta Therox: Adium currently doesn't support this under any OS version, and according to the Trac database at, it never will.

# by poisonousinsect on 03/27/05 at 20:44:13

thesilverfox: Thanks for the info - I figured that might be the case. Let's hope they will fix this, since it would make a lot of very cool message views possible - and make Atomos even better.

# by poisonousinsect on 03/08/05 at 14:27:11

zaudragon: As far as I could figure, transparent background just render as white. You have to make an image of the portion of your desktop picture that's behind the window and set that to the message view's background. (If you or anyone else knows how to give Atomos a real transparent background, please share!)

If you must have antialiasing, you could try setting the minimum font size to 11pt, but I'm not sure how well that works.

Thanks for everyone's feedback!