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# by Chort27 on 03/09/05 at 13:34:22

This is an alright one i dont know what to cote it but someone liked it!

# by Chort27 on 03/08/05 at 09:40:35

This is an awesome idea. I love it sooooooo much!! THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS SCRIPT!

# by Chort27 on 03/03/05 at 07:33:11

you should definately continue make stuf..maybe a contact list theme to match would be awesome (if you havent already made 1)

# by Chort27 on 03/03/05 at 07:30:12

I think this is pretty good myself...

# by Chort27 on 02/25/05 at 20:49:57

pretty gud, could be better