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# by ravijo on 10/24/06 at 14:58:06

I mean "glossy", "aqua" , "lickable" the standard icon set is made to be that way, and I think this icon set could make it to 1.0 if it were a bit more sleek

# by ravijo on 10/23/06 at 09:45:41

I had some problems with the AIM small logo, I photoshopped it to work.

I would like to see these icons go "candy", can I have the photoshop file?

# by ravijo on 08/24/06 at 17:39:04

How are we doing with this plugin?

# by ravijo on 05/11/05 at 21:52:11

Such a great sound set. I'm usually very picky about this stuff, and this Tokyo Train Station is the only one I've found comparable to iChat. Thumbs up for sure!

# by ravijo on 04/29/05 at 00:27:27

version 1.1 (coming soon!) will have support by default for custom colours in 0.8. I'm still working on it... so there will be some more stuff too! Including a iChat like time stamp.