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# by mredpopo on 05/16/08 at 09:36:59

Sorry about that, didn't know it made you pay to save it :(

Also, there is still a slight problem for me with the boarder of the "header" cutting off the text at the bottom sometimes, anyone know how to fix that?

# by mredpopo on 05/10/08 at 13:06:19

Ok here's how you fix it for Leopard

JonnyBGod is right, you edit the Template.html file

First download the theme - Then right click on it and select "Show Package Contents"

Navigate until you see the Template.html file

Now when i tried opening it with textedit or any other normal text editor it wouldnt work. So, i used CSSEdit which you can get here:

It costs money but you can probably just use it for the trial period to do this and then trash it. Or pay for it if you like it (which i would recommend because its a great little app)

Now, as Jonny said, go to line 100 and change the "static" to "relative" aaannd.....VIOLA!!

Good luck and thanks to Jonny for the tip