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# by ant on 07/18/08 at 00:02:28

thanks! i appreciate your, er, appreciation :P

i am on 10.4. (and refusing to upgrade for a long time, for a number of reasons to numerous to list right now). the program is ThemePark, though a lot of my tweaks and mods i have done manually. sadly, 10.5 uses SVGs for most of the interface, and neither are those easily moddable nor have people figured out how to modify them yet (just one of the reasons on my list :P)

don't worry though, they should be able to figure it out at some point (i, myself hope they do; i find the 10.5 ui even more ugly than the default tiger one)

# by ant on 07/08/08 at 17:04:15

oh, true, didn't think about that. i didn't think about it, not having a white menubar. will do and upload, hopefully by tomorrow.

# by ant on 05/05/08 at 23:34:18

well you can see some of what i've done here:

as of now it is just a preview... everything will become downloadable later.

just fyi, if you view that page in firefox (at least for me), the colours on the green finder are a bit off they're a bit more saturated than that.

also the cs2 icons look a little bit better around the edges than that......

# by ant on 05/04/08 at 23:24:29

for you and the mysterious "waldo" (maybe you?) that pmed me on irc:

i make 'em myself. i don't think i use any custom icons or skins for anything that i don't do myself.... well with the exception of the black japan firefox skin because i am too lazy to do a whole firefox skin... it's quite a lot of work.

if there is any interest i can set up a section of my website for folks to view and download some of my icons from...
most are simply modifications of the standard ones... frequently it's just colour changing (like the ffx, safari and finder in that picture), others are mashups, (for instance i've made some more of the utilities like x11 and console into the monitor frame that terminal uses), and occasionally there will be one that i just make entirely myself like the happy mac (though i must admit i didn't come up with the original picture :)
huh, well, i had a point for that paragraph but i seem to have lost it.

anyway, if anyone is interested just let me know.