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# by armaniboi on 01/28/11 at 16:24:12

Just uploaded a new version with some quick fixes. Font size is now editable. Direct IM is fixed so photos and text don't stack on each other.

You should be able to download it now!

# by armaniboi on 01/28/11 at 15:22:30

I'm sorry I've put this off for so long. Got sucked into job and side projects. But now that I'm a bajillion times more knowledgeable about CSS, I'm going to go back and make this xtra what I originally envisioned it as. My goal is to have it up sometime in February.

# by armaniboi on 09/29/08 at 00:53:43

thanks ladolcev1ta! i'll definitely try to make more when i feel inspired and have some time. thanks chibi! the ness pictures were taken from screenshots of smash brothers brawl (wii) that were found on the developer's blog.

# by armaniboi on 08/12/08 at 20:31:36

You are so awesome gwendolyn! Works like a charm. I'll upload a new version with the fix and put you in the credits. And also, thank you so much for your kind words, and I definitely don't mind you adjusting it, I mean I adjusted another template for my own needs too! haha. I still have things that I want to do with this but just really have had to put it on the backburner. But now that you've fixed that part, maybe I can look on doing some more.

# by armaniboi on 03/26/08 at 22:32:46

Thank you all for the kind words! It's really encouraging and I haven't had time to tackle the problems yet since I've been busy with life and working on some other design project but definitely check back in the future! This project is definitely something I want to finetune and with some different backgrounds and styles.