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# by fish3k1 on 04/19/08 at 05:44:03

Agreed, this is a professional look, and fits awesomely into the OS X environment.

# by fish3k1 on 04/13/08 at 15:40:18

Might help if you included instructions on this page for how to use the script

# by fish3k1 on 03/23/08 at 07:34:40

Much better ^^

# by fish3k1 on 03/22/08 at 18:35:03

You should replace the word Adium with a stylised duck face/duck silhouette, just something pictorial that ties it into Adium

# by fish3k1 on 02/16/08 at 08:15:34

Ah, thanks for that. As it is I'll stick with the version I have, I think some of my other plugins etc won't work with older versions. I'll keep the App on file until I get Leopard tho :)