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# by thousand on 04/13/08 at 12:31:57

i think you succeeded better on making the style i wanted to make! kudos!

# by thousand on 02/06/08 at 16:23:59


# by thousand on 02/06/08 at 16:23:42

The font is Eurostyle. I can't remember which software package added it on my system...maybe may or may not be apple default...

# by thousand on 02/06/08 at 16:21:54

I'm going to post a revision shortly, with a lighter line variant, and a more "default" font.

# by thousand on 02/04/08 at 21:56:59

Thanks for your input! Glad you like it. I have considered changing the default font in the first revision. That line's not going away though, it's sorta what makes it what it is if you ask me.