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# by illjazz on 02/09/08 at 00:57:47

I dig. A lot! Very clean, very easy on the eyes. Some fancy sliding/fading animations would be cool, a la Renkoo, but I actually prefer the look of Gaia over Renkoo simply because the contrast is far better in the former. The contrast in Renkoo is just.. bad.

Good job on this!

# by illjazz on 01/23/08 at 01:03:13

I must say I'm very impressed by how quickly you got around to replying to my comment! Kudos for that! As for the importance issue.. frankly, you have a point. It really isn't that important. But then think about it this way: if it isn't that important, why show it at all? I mean, doing away with it completely would be preferable to making it visible, BUT hard to read, no?

Another idea: check out Modern Bubbling's (link: take on this problem: the look is clean, but little stuff like user names and time stamps show up when you mouse over certain areas. It may not be ideal, but it sure is a way to solve the problem :)

Thank you for getting back to my comment so soon, and keep up the excellent work. Even though I've only recently become an Adium user due to recently buying my first Mac (a black Macbook), I can already easily tell that this is one of the best chat themes--period.

# by illjazz on 01/22/08 at 19:28:35

I love it in every way, but not one single variation of it seems good enough. All the colors are simply too "light". Where's the contrast? I don't have any sight problems in general (I don't wear glasses or anything), but I find the colors that come with this to simply bee too light to easily read. The time stamps and user names are of such low contrast that it's really quite hard to look at. Any way some high contrast or at least highER contrast colors could be introduced?

I also played with setting the background to white, then transparency down to 50%, same with black, and it can look pretty stunning. A transparent background, the alternating bubbles and the fading animation.. it's like IMing--Pixar style. Heh