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# by makojad on 06/22/08 at 16:47:45

Thank you for prompt reaction. If I may advise you I would rather see the plug-in window not appearing at all, because you still get the Skype bezel (which appears faster, looks a bit nicer and gives more options). The Skype bezel is shown even if Skype icons are hidden from the Dock and the MenuBar - seems reasonable enough to me, if looking at it from Skype functionality perspective.
Thanks in advance, looking forward to having it fixed. :-)

# by makojad on 06/22/08 at 08:01:14

Thanks for the tip, it worked flawlessly. And thanks for the explanation that it was not plug-in's fault, but Adium's. Sorry I blamed your fantastic plug-in.

Anyway, there is one thing in the plug-in behaviour that I don't understand and I reckon it unnecessarily gets in one's way. Whenether receive get a call via Skype, the plug-in shows the 'answer the call' window. But Skype shows the 'answer or reject' bezel in the first place. The result is I have a call and I get 2 windows that let me answer it. Because Skype bezel is really nice and faster I use it to answer the call. But here I get next unpleasant surprise: in addition to unnecessary multiple choice, there is a bug - even if I take the call the plug-in window stays on, still asking me if I want to answer. I must admit this is very annoying, especially when I get many calls.
I think you should really get rid of that "answer the call" window. Not only does it keep confusing and gets in your way esp. when there are many calls, but it also one can really get cross when each time has to close the plug-in window because of the bug.

I think you should really concider getting rid of this absolutely unnecessary and annoying 'answer' window.

# by makojad on 06/13/08 at 12:35:13

Hi again, I've got one question: why does Skype open automatically whenever I open Adium but not choose to connect to Skype using the plug-in? I think you really need to choose the "you have an option" way, instead of actualy forcing things. I don't like that Skype opens up when I don't want it too. I think that Skype should be opened only when you connect to Skype using plug-in, not immediately after you open Adium.

# by makojad on 02/28/08 at 12:55:00

Hi, your Skype add-on rocks now! It's really good. Though I have one practical thing that bugs me a lot - when I have a call from Skype, Skype's own po-pup appears, then it quickly desappears, and Adium's pop-up appears. This is very very frustrating because it's confusing. And Skype's own pop-up has more options (you can send call to voicemail), so why doubling the pop-up menu? Why not leave Skype's own or create a setting for us to choose? When I have lots of phone calls it may be really annoying. Please leave Skype's pop-up or at least set it as an option. Besides that bug, it rocks!

# by makojad on 01/31/08 at 11:01:14

I did the workout you had described. It did not work though. I did not do the backup (silly me) and although I reversed the workout, Adium did not see any of my accounts. So what I did was I upgraded to 1.2 - all the data were back. I don't like some of the changes in 1.2 They're slowing me down. But will need to get used to. The newest Skype plug-in works dead on now. Good job! Thanks for help, anyway. Keep the good work! Regards.