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# by theadamkramer on 08/20/09 at 18:45:31

Hi maszok,

I made a variant for the people who wanted it without the scrollbar, if you want me to send it to you so you can update the style.

Also, I have been trying to figure out how to make a variant where the user's addressbook picture could be used as a faded background image, stretched in the window. I asked The_Tick about this about a year ago and he said the ability to do it was coming soon, and spoke to Zac a little while ago and he said - "the user's icon is just a %replacementKeyword% so you can probably do it".

I don't understand exactly what that means, so I figured I'd pose it to you since I'm using your awesome style :-)

feel free to email me at adam at or AIM me at TheAdamKramer ! Thank you!

# by theadamkramer on 06/10/09 at 01:11:48

This is a cool idea, and i have wanted something like this for a while! Thank you!

If i could offer an idea/suggestion, I think it would be nice to be able to invoke a youtube search (for example) by typing /youtube{argument} like the /google one. Video/Movie/Music are slightly vague, and some people might prefer rhapsody over Amazon for music searching (not me, but just saying), or google video for video searching.

Request Summary:

/youtube{argument} (perhaps even /youtubehd to search only high def?)
/rhapsody{argument} (
/gvideo{argument} (
/lyrics{argument} (

# by theadamkramer on 07/03/08 at 02:35:44

nevermind i'm sorry i forgot to set the other style to leopard side dock as well :-[


# by theadamkramer on 07/03/08 at 02:25:13

mine still has names next to it :-/

am i doing something wrong?

# by theadamkramer on 12/27/07 at 19:35:41

I really like your idea for having the scrollbar be invisible, but when i tried to do it on a theme i was making it made it so i couldn't scroll upwards did you get around this problem?? I tried scroll:auto and it didn't work :-(