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# by 776jvacek on 06/19/08 at 15:49:22

I just checked my email, and saw, that the skype and xfire icons are just completly different anyway ... I know, the xfire one was just too wide. :)

# by 776jvacek on 06/18/08 at 14:20:44

... I found a quite good logo ...

# by 776jvacek on 06/18/08 at 13:44:16

Sorry if annoying again...
I just downloaded adium 1.3b3, where is a Facebook account too. I found a quite good ( ) which you could maybe use. Good luck with making...

# by 776jvacek on 06/18/08 at 06:32:35

thanx ... I reallllly love these! the skype icon was before just horrible. Especially the "S". The XFire icon is even better than the original one! I even think, that this is the only xtra, that haves Skype and xfire icons too. Keep on working! I really love it!

# by 776jvacek on 03/26/08 at 11:04:29

Am sending those icons to your google mail...