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# by Dwarf84396 on 03/11/05 at 11:37:57

Gigi, where you have "binary to text", do you have a string that is made up of "1"s and "0"s, that is ready to be converted back into plain text? Here, as an example: /binary{test} should give you this: 01110100011001010111001101110100

Then, you would put that back in by using /string {01110100011001010111001101110100} which should give you: test

Comment back if you have any trouble with it.

# by Dwarf84396 on 02/17/05 at 23:40:23


Sorry that I didn't document this that well:

/binary {text to binary}
/string {binary to text}


I do think that you're right with that. It's just a misnomer in my case. If you can, either e-mail me the hex/octal/decimal version, or post it here at adiumXtras so that we can all share?