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# by ordinaryworld_ on 11/28/07 at 00:31:24

OMG. Okay i really LOVE this soundset, but not for adium, it's too epic. I think it reminds me SO much of those outdated videos they make newly hired workers watch at orientation or something! AHAH

# by ordinaryworld_ on 11/28/07 at 00:29:37

I really enjoy this, it's very soothing and refreshing

# by ordinaryworld_ on 11/24/07 at 22:05:54

This is great, unlike most of the other dock icons i get that I like for about a day. I've had this one going for over a week! Which means it's gonna stay! haha only thing I would change is the shadow it has, I don't have Leopard yet and I think that's why there are shadows? since the dock is in perspective on Leopard... but yea awesome job!