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# by westcoast021 on 09/20/09 at 04:03:24

simple. clean. no crazy colours to mess up your perfectly coordinated desktop, dock, and adium contact list. in short, THANK YOU. this was much-needed and now that it's here, it's much-appreciated :) :)

# by westcoast021 on 09/19/09 at 12:13:39

for something that is connected to Windows, this is actually quite nice. easy on the ears is a good way of putting it, like nakimi69 said

# by westcoast021 on 09/19/09 at 12:00:15

absolutely love it. went searching for a black/white, generally dark and clean dock icon to match the rest of my new icons in my dock, and this was right here waiting for me. it's beautiful. thank you so much for such good work!

# by westcoast021 on 07/31/09 at 01:44:44

really really really like this! finally something simple and clean. thanks so much: only one thing!! i use Helvetica LT Light, but I can't seem to change the font that the user's names appear there any way to do that ?

# by westcoast021 on 07/25/09 at 03:37:34

so great. love it. thank you so much for this, this is something that i wish adium thought of a long time ago :) :)