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# by twopeak on 07/14/06 at 12:32:20

weeee, an update!
I was hoping to change the new message notification, and I still do hope that :)

# by twopeak on 07/09/06 at 10:31:49

I'll ask someone to do it. I'll start from the original Adam Bets icons and do my best to get them.

# by twopeak on 07/02/06 at 04:10:32

To be honest, I'm too bad with photoshop to make a grey (offline) and a white (invisible) Adiumy.
If people are interested in the iconset, I'll try harder. I can probably make time next two weeks.

# by twopeak on 02/27/06 at 06:49:33

This script is great!!!
To me it would be more usefull to have a script that checks the calender itself, and if there's no activity and there's a calendar event, then it has an action.

# by twopeak on 11/15/05 at 14:37:57

if somebody has requests for a next version, just shoot... I'll be updating the invisible state and I'd like to find a better way for the new messages alert