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# by nemeru on 09/19/07 at 07:11:39

nevermind guys, foung out a friend of mine is a linux user, si i got all the commands figured out, thx neways :)

# by nemeru on 09/19/07 at 05:02:23

dunno if i'll remember to check on this site for answer, so a mail or msn msg would be nice... thx..

# by nemeru on 09/19/07 at 05:01:34

hey, i was trying what Reikon said, to list folder content, and i can't figure it out... i'm not familiar with apple commands, so i was trying what i knew, that be "dir", so /exec {dir /users/.../.../.../} but it ain't workin... can sumone help on this one pls? would appreciate it..