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# by otoh on 09/14/07 at 16:45:28

Thanks for the quick changes. This is now superb. Thanks again!

# by otoh on 09/14/07 at 05:37:28

Oh sorry, I thought of something else (you did ask!) When you use a smiley in chat, some styles, eg Smooth Operator, vertically center it in relation to the text (or the other way round) - I think that looks nicer than having the smiley sit on the text baseline. Sorry if I'm being to picky :)

# by otoh on 09/14/07 at 04:37:21

This is great! I agree completly with your 3 points, and I love this very minimal theme. I'm using transparent light variant on a white background with 80% opacity and it looks great.

A couple of suggestions: maybe a few variants with transparent colours. And I'd like to see a bit more differentiation with the status change messages (away, idle etc) - maybe in italic? Right-aligned? Paler text? Or even in a paler version of the incoming message panel (It's related to their side of the conversation, after all)? I'm not sure what would work best. And perhaps show the timestamp on these? (But I think hover is fine for actual messages).

Anyway, I love it and this is now my default style. Thanks for making it.