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# by gferreroferri on 11/22/10 at 19:37:23

Cool! Please release a status icons like these ones!

# by gferreroferri on 04/13/10 at 16:26:23

It would be nice to be able to customise the background. Also, the time is suppose to appear next to the bubble based on the screen shots but in the practice it appears under the bubble overlapping with the username. Otherwise it is really nice

# by gferreroferri on 03/12/10 at 16:16:25

This is so great! I love the way the links are shown. Best style I've ever tried!

# by gferreroferri on 03/12/10 at 15:13:11

Please add option to be able to change your own message bubble colour


# by gferreroferri on 03/12/10 at 14:43:28

How did you get the input area like in iChat??? I want it!