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# by EmeraldVee on 01/23/08 at 13:40:31

This is my new dock icon. Great work!

# by EmeraldVee on 01/23/08 at 13:34:27

Quite a cute set! :)

# by EmeraldVee on 01/23/08 at 13:19:52

Very nice soundset, though as said before, a tiny bit minimalist. The Wii doesn't exactly give a lot to work with in that sense however, so nice work ;).

# by EmeraldVee on 01/23/08 at 13:15:39

I'm making a note here, huge success.

It's hard to overstate my satisfaction.

# by EmeraldVee on 07/19/07 at 04:40:55

Incredible Xtra you've submitted here. I've always had trouble finding a good way to display my contact list with everything else I've customised on this terminal. This fixes that problem completely. 5/5, definitely. Keep it up!