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# by Xjs on 02/01/09 at 11:34:17

You should check if the IP string contains colons (:) - which makes it most probable that they are IPv6 - and if yes, check the machine's IPv6 instead of the IPv4. You check by grepping the en0 and en1 interfaces - which won't always work for IPv6 (as tunnel mechanisms use the stf or tun interfaces). You should rather grep the whole ifconfig output for a string like:

inet6 2a01:198:300::1 prefixlen 48

- where you get the IPv6 right away. Also, if the computer has several IP(v4 or v6)s assigned (which might actually happen with the whole lot of IPv6 addresses around), you'll get all of them - and should also check all of them (I'm not too good in Perl, but I think your script already does that, huh?).

# by Xjs on 02/01/09 at 02:16:14

Does it have IPv6 support?

# by Xjs on 12/22/08 at 16:09:39

OK, I'll twist it a bit and send it to you. I think I won't add it as "official" release, as it doesn't fit into my line-up ;-)
Just give me a little time, I'm bit busy - christmas you know ;-)

# by Xjs on 12/21/08 at 05:02:19

If you tell me which colors you'd like, I can make it, but just adding generic color variants was never what I wanted. ;-)

# by Xjs on 12/21/08 at 02:04:16

Check out yMous for a version with different colors - zMous is based on it ;-)

Seeing the time stamp only on hover would be an idea, too... let's see.