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# by tgos on 11/04/09 at 12:34:01

Very clean, very well done, every state is easily recognized (important! Icon sets where I can only guess the state are useless) - just one minor drawback: The green duck on a blue background is a bit too vibrant for my taste. The offline state looks really great, I'd prefer that as an online state actually.

# by tgos on 11/04/09 at 12:26:00

Well done, but the duck mirroring in the bubble is a bit overkill (it makes the icon look a bit too glossy in my taste)

# by tgos on 11/04/09 at 10:58:59

As simple as it is - the style is really cool. Reminds me of some old style terminal chat, but it's not as ugly and over-pimped as the other styles of that kind I've seen so far. Just one problem: The colors! They are way too bright (kinda glowing). If I have to watch those colors all day, I'll probably go blind ;-) No big deal, I'll just change them to suit my needs.

# by tgos on 03/13/08 at 06:28:17

First of all the positive things:

1) You have almost every smiley I know in your list, congratulations, great work!

2) Your smiley images match the "text image" of the smiley better than every other theme I found so far. Congratulations again, great work!

Actually I love your theme, but I don't use it out of one reason: The smileys are so pale! They have so little contrast (especially the mimic could be drawn closer to black, it should be much darker). I theme that can show you how a good contrast looks like is Adiumicons, ). Compare your ones with these on the same screen with the same chat backround. While Adiumicons are always readable, always good contrast, regardless of background, your ones look pretty pale on most backgrounds, they seem a bit smaller and it's hard to see the mimic if the monitor has bad contrast or brightness, as the contrast of the mimic to the rest of the face is too low, just like the surrounding line of the smiley. Maybe you can enhance that, that would be great! Thanks.

# by tgos on 03/13/08 at 06:23:15

Very good contrast, work great on all backgrounds; they are almost perfect, but there are two ones I dislike:

1. Argy/Annoyed. >:o means kind of "Angry/Shouting", not annoyed. Must icon themes draw this with an open mouth, as the "o" is indicating an open mouth. This will be misleading, if I use this icon to express that I'm annoyed and someone else has this icon as shouting! What you drew, annoyed, rather looks like >:|, that would be annoyed. Also you could play around with other angry kinds. E.g. you have >:) (devil), but you don't have >:( (Angry and unhappy). It's very important that the picture you create matches the text image as good as possible. In this aspect the theme iChat Complete is great, but your smileys just look so much better in quality (iChat complete )

2. The crying one is not really crying, it's more like "I'm going to start to cry", but :'( means actually crying.

Maybe you can make these two a bit more accurate and steal some Ideas from Adium Complete, I'd really like to have all the other one's of Adium Complete being redrawn your style in your amazing quality! Thanks.