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# by marforic on 10/13/09 at 17:42:53

Yes yes, I tried (it's the first thing that I try in a theme, since Im very picky) - Copy/Pasting works good (i.e. no timestamps for every line!), but the look is pretty messed up! :)

# by marforic on 10/13/09 at 17:30:47

It's very nice, and I'm looking forward to the new version 1.1 with group variant.
I have one question, when I try to select text it shows really all messed up, is that a known issue?

# by marforic on 06/30/09 at 18:45:43

No problems with the english, most of the times mine isn't good, either.
Thanks for the prompt and bug-report!

I will try to find a solution to it!

# by marforic on 06/02/09 at 14:17:37

what about orange?

# by marforic on 07/17/07 at 18:56:01

From my understanding of the code of Adium the only supported states are:
Offline - Connecting - Available - Alert (when a message is received, not supported by this icons) - Away - Invisible
If you don't like the blue icon, you can change it downloading this set:
CTRL-Click (aka right click) -> Show Package Contents
DOUBLE-Click (aka open) IconPack.plist
In the editor expand State, expand Away and change the Image string to the one that you prefer among the three proposed: Away.png, Occupied.png, NotAvailable.png

As I said the other are not supported.

So, finally, GREAT set, but some icons are not displayable and some that can be displayable (Invisible, Alert) are not present!

If modifications that reflect the actual possibilities of Adium are made, I'll give it a 5 ducks!!! - Keep the good working up!