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# by samaaron on 06/19/07 at 06:42:02

Good call. I've removed the blinking cursor in the latest version. If this is distressing to people, I'll work out a way of adding the cursor as a variant option.

# by samaaron on 06/19/07 at 06:40:21

This change made no difference on my setup. Are you using the new Safari 3.0 beta?

I've added it to the latest version anyway :-)

# by samaaron on 06/19/07 at 06:39:36

Thanks for this, I've just added it as a new variant :-)

# by samaaron on 06/17/07 at 03:28:09

Is there any chance you could send an image of what it used to look like? What was the border like, on my machine the icon has a dotted red border. What was the generic icon like?

However, h4x0r2 doesn't necessarily have to be a true replica of the old theme. So any suggestions of what you'd like would be appreciated.

I've noticed that the horizontal scroll bar appears occasionally, but haven't yet worked out how to stop it appearing at all. If you have any ideas on how I can fix this, then I'd be happy to try them out.

# by samaaron on 06/15/07 at 18:47:17

Thanks for the hints CyberSkull. I don't use the buddy icon thing, so I hadn't noticed that it was broken. Hopefully it's working as it was (although I wasn't sure how it was working before ;-) ). I've also fixed the file name issue.