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# by 5genju on 07/24/07 at 15:44:18

Just love it. I just don't know why the symbols are assigned like that. For my logic, online should have the guy and away just the escalator.

# by 5genju on 07/24/07 at 10:35:17

It's really cool. I wonder if an adium 'sticker' could fit in that door.

# by 5genju on 06/27/07 at 17:46:38

This is really funny and orininal. Excuse my ignorance, but, it this based in a comic character or something?

# by 5genju on 04/27/07 at 13:17:07

I didn't know about that updater but looks good. :)

I realised that when adium is in the backround and someone writes, it changes to orange. Before it was yellowish, which was looking better IMO. However, the orange has no dark gradient.

# by 5genju on 04/27/07 at 06:04:38

Very cool. The different colour for different status (dark red) is a great improvement. I didn't want to see those default away banners anymore.

How did you come up with that animation?