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# by esi on 12/03/08 at 12:43:51

I am officially in love with this style. What tends to bug me in general about adium styles are that they are either too "empty", and trying to cram all the empty space with tiny text, and they call it minimalism? Or they are way too heavy on eye candy. either way, not very pleasant for my eye in the long run. This one is enjoyably easy on the eye. I'm going to give it a test run for couple of days and hopefully it will replace my current msg style of choice. I might even notify you of some bugs if I manage to find some. :)

note: this is also one of the few msg styles that fits extremely well with the "no toolbar/tabs below" setup. The drawback for some users though is that it doesn't fit as well with the "toolbar / tabs on sides" setup. But maybe that's just me being hard to please.

# by esi on 01/27/08 at 18:51:19

finally a menu bar icon that both looks good, simple, goes well with the rest and in the meantime actually tells you that it is for adium but not just for some random soulless IM app. This one should actually be set as the default adium menu bar icon! good job pal! keep up the good work.

# by esi on 04/25/07 at 06:55:30

gaman að sjá íslendinga pósta dótaríi hérna :)
nice work.

# by esi on 04/23/07 at 00:38:57

Thanks for the comment, I'll take a look at what you suggested after school today. :)

If I remember correctly I just exported the sounds from the Marathon Sounds file with Anvil. (or maybe it was some 3rd party Marathon sound editor)

Thanks again for the comment & suggestions.
- cheers
Jóhannes G.