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# by malesca on 10/13/08 at 08:10:50

Nice. Feel free to fork me on GitHub ( and commit those changes, for hackability.

# by malesca on 08/29/08 at 03:55:32

Afraid it's not just like an AppleScript you need to install Apple's Development Tools (free, but a big download), write code and compile :)

If I find some time I may look into customizable folder names in user UI, but I can't promise that.

# by malesca on 08/28/08 at 04:51:57

1.3, I mean :)

# by malesca on 08/28/08 at 04:51:47

Should now work with 10.3.

# by malesca on 07/23/08 at 05:42:47

Okay. This is a plugin that I still use myself, so I'm likely to fix it when 1.3 is out of beta, but probably not before then.