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# by rocha on 11/10/08 at 12:24:48

Yeah, I noticed that on the first one I uploaded, but that was before they authorized it here on AdiumXtras... Try downloading it again replacing the old one. I'm adding a new preview pic. Thanks for your comments :)

# by rocha on 04/27/07 at 08:16:07

Thank you for your comments. Animation is based on the new Adobe Updater. What do you think of it?

# by rocha on 04/25/07 at 16:06:25

Here. A few minor fixes... Lemme know what u think...

# by rocha on 04/23/07 at 10:14:24

You were righ about the D. What do you think now? I also made it green for the offline stats. Updates to the file should be approved in no time. Thanx for your comments.