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# by huwr on 12/03/07 at 03:45:30

An all-caps name is unnecessary. A better name would be "AIM Old Logo", for instance.

# by huwr on 12/03/07 at 03:39:18

It's now fixed. Yay.

# by huwr on 06/12/07 at 03:01:44

I don't think a fix will come any time soon. I am busy with exams. An unsatisfactory work-around is to resize the window such that a vertical scroll bar appears. This seems to push the text higher.

This may be due to change in webkit, or the way Adium works with webkit. I don't know at this stage.

Others are very welcome to contribute! :)

# by huwr on 04/29/07 at 06:52:27

Okay, so I still haven't got around to making version 0.3 with HTMLised output and shorthand... Soon, okay?

# by huwr on 04/29/07 at 06:51:36

/wikipedia{Adium} is . Clicking that will redirect them to the real Adium article if it can find an obvious one.