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# by galbis on 02/26/06 at 14:21:24

i love the theme, but something is bugging me. normally I'm used to the person speaking (that would be me), their icon would actually be on the left hand side instead of the right. On other themes there is an option for either left or right. It's a small suggestion, it doesn't need to be made but it would be nice to have :).

Besides that, LOVE the theme!

# by galbis on 02/25/05 at 21:11:10

Connected/Disconnected Sounds have now been added, volume on all sounds has been increased as well.

# by galbis on 02/16/05 at 02:22:05

this is absolutely gorgeous..the scrolling is so nice! I agree with whoever said Sans-Serif for the title would be a nice option.

# by galbis on 12/08/04 at 16:55:13

Fixed the problem where the set did not show on the menu, should work perfectly now!

# by galbis on 12/08/04 at 03:11:44

oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. Very cool man!