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# by Ebby on 07/26/07 at 16:22:02

hehe. That was just added this last time. Glad you liked it. (or not) ;)

# by Ebby on 05/19/07 at 20:23:45

Hehe. I usually use the contextual menu so it never occurred to me to put it here. I'll add it to the description...

# by Ebby on 03/31/07 at 15:50:42

hehe. I think I based mine off /brb too. Big kudos to the author. :D

# by Ebby on 03/30/07 at 23:00:56

There are certainly some quotes that need background information to build a scenario. Believe me, I found it hard to remove some of the longer ones from my script and I know your pain. hehe. I even modified a few quotes to fit them to a max character limit (at the time the width of my laptop screen) so I wouldn't get too carried away. *slaps hand* I know...

Just for fun, I submitted my script (it is waiting in digital limbo right now) so you can see kinda what I did or we can try to merge them if you want. My intention was quick little geeky zingers specifically for a auto-responce message so that's why long quotes won't work for me. Although I realize now there are plenty of other uses where longer quotes are perfectly acceptable. Oh, yea, I didn't mean to sound so mean previously. All's Cool.

# by Ebby on 03/30/07 at 20:01:43

Oh ouch! 23 lines of text. I love bash, but that can get a little annoying.

I actually made a bash script like you did a few months ago and never got around to publishing it. Not that I want to compete or anything, but it sounds like fun. Heck, I'd love to work together to keep this updated and work out bugs. :)