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# by olgunia on 03/30/07 at 20:04:42

Now it works greatly!! Daniel, thanks a lot for such a useful Xtra!!!

# by olgunia on 03/30/07 at 07:16:13

Im very sorry, but the #1 is my mistake, I left the previos folder with your utility on the desktop and Mac added 1 automatically...

# by olgunia on 03/30/07 at 07:09:52

Now it's OK with Russian conversations!!! Great! :)
BUT somehow:
1. I had to rename the folder with your utility...
2. I had to make the copy of History.db and rename it manually...
3. It didn't make backup of previous logs...
4. It didn't put the logs into the folder from which Aduim could read them... I found new converted logs only in the folder Proteus2AdiumX_06.
I put several logs there manually to check the Russian.

This is all what I did in Terminal:

[Olgunia:~] olgunia% cd Desktop/Proteus2AdiumX_06 1
tcsh: cd: Too many arguments.
[Olgunia:~] olgunia% cd Desktop/Proteus2AdiumX_06
[Olgunia:~/Desktop/Proteus2AdiumX_06] olgunia% ./
Create copy of History.db first
create log files
Proteus history db (CopyHistory.db) not found
Cnvert did not succeed, skip remaining tasks
[Olgunia:~/Desktop/Proteus2AdiumX_06] olgunia% ./
Create copy of History.db first
create log files
Found '2' tables is db
Found tablename '(null)', it will be skipped
Provide AdiumX login/username for accounttype ICQ:
Creating logs for 'XXXXX' (this might take some time)
Create logfile: Logs/ICQ.XXXXX/YYYYY/YYYYY (2004-10-04).html
Create logfile: Logs/ICQ.XXXXX/ZZZZZ/ZZZZZ (2005-02-10).html
[Olgunia:~/Desktop/Proteus2AdiumX_06] olgunia%

# by olgunia on 03/29/07 at 03:53:33

It converted logs now! Thanks a lot! But there is one more thing - all chats written in Russian are unreadable... :(

Yes I use only ICQ-account with Proteus.
But sometimes I use also .mac account (with iChat) and Skype...

# by olgunia on 03/28/07 at 22:20:24

OK, here is the result:
[Olgunia:~/Desktop/proteus2adium_8_6446_2810] olgunia% ./sqlite -header -separator ^_^ CopyHistory.db "SELECT name FROM sqlite_master WHERE type='table' ORDER BY name;"
[Olgunia:~/Desktop/proteus2adium_8_6446_2810] olgunia%